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The philosophy and mission of Core Fitness started from an industry filled with incompetent trainers and gyms that only care about profits instead of results. Here, we offer memberships and resources that will fit anyone’s budget, without the long term contracts that keep charging you even if you don’t use them. All in all, we value our members and clients. We love to have fun and want our clients to feel the same because we work with all health issues as well as financial situations.

We hope your experience with Core Fitness will be a lifetime of great memories and achievements. Our Highly qualified and selected team are here to help you reach your goals. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will always work toward accommodating every need and want our members may desire by continuously offering additional valuable resources, education, input and other amenities until we are the most comprehensive fitness and wellness experience on the market.


We are always looking to stay ahead of the technology curve. By offering online services through applications like Trainerize, we can help our clients stay consistent and motivated with all of their health and wellness goals.

  • Easy access to scheduling and purchasing
  • Online Workouts & Training
  • Nutrition Tracking & Meal Plans
  • Track Performance
Many gyms offer similar programs but have no interaction with their clients. They also charge associated fees that outweigh the cost of services being offered. Here at Core XT Fitness, this is just another way we can deliver the best services to our members.  We will continue to evolve and adapt so that we stand out from the competition while still being personable.

The first round is on us.

Do your own thing or join one of our classes.